I feel like people find me quite boring because I am quiet.  But it’s not that I have little to say; quite the opposite: it’s that I have so much to say, that I fear coming off as unintelligent because my thoughts are jumbled.  Or because I fear that what I want to say will bore others.  So instead of speaking, I say nothing.  

when the truth becomes stranger than fiction: eienmin:...





cr: i_wanna_pumpkin


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[120802 sukira] Min: While the music was on earlier, I said, “If ever I get married, I certainly want to have individual rooms because…



Min… you didn’t even wait to tell us that weird fact about you, you little spoiled princesses… too on the nose… but we love your big mouth :D

Now I know why Min moved out of their shared room. :D

あしたのために: the-gamer-and-his-vitamin: Alright, so I see people left and right sad...


Alright, so I see people left and right sad because of Sungmin moving to another room. Now, this came to me as a shock too, but I quickly realized that sooner or later it was bound to happen because heck, he’s a grown man and he needs his own space too. Now, many…

I totally agree. KyuMin is still KyuMin roommates or not. Their love & friendship wont end by them being in a separate room.